Behind The Scenes

A California native who grew up north of Los Angeles, Downes has over 15 years’ writing, directing, acting and producing experience, much of it in the faith-based market.  His early acting credits include the television shows USA High and The Burning Zone, as well as feature films Senseless, featuring David Spade, Rip Torn and Marlon Wayans (directed by Penelope Spheeris) and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, starring Jim Caviezel, Claire Forlani, and Jeremy Northam (directed by Rowdy Herrington).  In 1999, at the age of 27, he co-produced, wrote and starred in the independent hit The Moment After, which launched a string of films he produced, including Mercy Streets. Downes had a supporting role in the movie which had a nationwide theatrical release in 2000, and produced the award-winning Clay Walker music video/short film, Chain of Love. In 2002, he produced the theatrically released Time Changer and was writer/producer/director on SIX: The Mark Unleashed.  This was followed by an Executive Producer effort for the adaptation of the best-selling Frank Peretti novel The Visitation, theatrically released in 2006. Downes produced and appeared in the The Moment After 2: The Awakening, released in 2006, as well as the critically acclaimed Ted Dekker thriller, Thr3e, released by 20th Century Fox in January 2007.  He recently produced The List, (theatrically released in 2007) based on Robert Whitlow’s best-selling novel starring Malcom MacDowell, distributed by 20th Century Fox and he produced the feature-length version of Jerry Jenkins’ story Midnight Clear, starring Stephen Baldwin, distributed by Lionsgate. Kevin's current projects Like Dandelion Dust (starring Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper) and A Thousand Tomorrows are both based on novels by NY Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury.